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AIS is one of the largest student organizations at USC- a home away from home for the students from India. Right from their arrival at USC, the Indian students enjoy the hospitality of AIS. We help them find temporary accommodation, host Sunday meets, Orientation programs etc. Our Fall 2015 events- Garba, Diwali, Food night are crowd-favorites! Our numbers reach up to a thousand for distinct ones, but we strive in terms of quality each time. Every year, we also welcome students from other cultures to be a part of us, making us even more diverse than we already are. [Learn more]


The intention of the establishment of ASIS has been and would always be to gather Indonesian USC students. We host events that make Indonesians feel welcomed byproviding them a sense of belonging through the interaction with other Indonesians. We also intend to help new Indonesian students adjust to their new, unfamiliar environment and school, which would enrich and assist their experience at USC. [Learn More]


 The purpose of this organization is to engage and promote students from the regions of Australia and New Zealand as well as create a social environment for these students to be involved in.


Brazilian Student Association - BRASA at USC 

Our organization’s mission is to promote Brazilian culture, empower its members, and serve as an official linkage between USC and Brazilians. [Learn more]




The University of Southern California Chinese Student Association is a non-profit student organization aimed at helping students in both academic and social life in Southern California. USC CSA also encourages cultural interactions between different ethnic groups in the community. The USC Chinese Student Association has no political pursuit in any means. [Learn more]



University of Southern California Chinese Students and Scholars Association (USC CSSA) is a nonprofit, student-run organization that targets the Chinese community at USC. Our mission is to provide assistance to Chinese students and scholars in areas like studies, career development and recreation, to promote Chinese culture, and to facilitate communications between the Chinese community and other local communities. [Learn more]

The University of Southern California Hong Kong Students' Association is a regional student organization established for over twenty years, with an objective of uniting Hong Kong students within the university for a greater cause. USC HKSA organizes a multitude of activities and special events to provide its members with a "home away from home." In cooperation with other universities and organizations abroad, we also host joint university events aiming to further strengthen the bond among all Hong Kong students across the globe. [Learn more]



The Japanese Student Association (JSA), a member of the International Student Assembly at the University of Southern California, supports the interchange of both modern and traditional Japanese culture. JSA is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Japanese culture--you do not have to be Japanese to join. [Learn more]

Korean Business Student Organization (KBSO) is a Marshall School recognized student volunteer group that aims to better both the collective and individual futures of Korean international students at the University of Southern California.  The chief mission of KBSO is to assist our target students towards their respective professional lives – we achieve this end year after year by bridging students to the companies of their choice.  Our signature events include career fairs and recruiting presentations, through which companies dispatch recruiting teams to the Trojan campus and meet candidates first hand, disclose information, and even employ on the spot. [Learn more]



Founded in 1987, KISA has carried on the rich traditions and pride of USC among the Korean student body. As a respected leader and representative of the Korean students, KISA has and will continue to spread the culture and traditions of Korea. [Learn more]


USC Malaysian Student Association (MSA) aims to build a USC Malaysian family as part of the bigger Trojan family. We organize events to bring the students together, mostly with food. [Learn More]



The purpose of this organization shall be to build a community that allows students interested in the Pan-African experience to engage in meaningful interactions geared towards the furtherance of social, educational and cultural growth within the USC Pan-African Community.
The organization shall strive to promote a space that is inclusive of all students who identify with any African narrative, that is, it shall be dedicated to representing the needs of African students as well as those individuals belonging to the African Diaspora. [Learn more]



Thai Student Association aims to develop strong networks among Thai Trojans as well as foreign members and raise awareness of Thai culture and traditions on USC campus

[Learn more]


Trogons is the first and only East Asian A Cappella at USC! Newly formed in 2013 and part of the EALC Department, we aim to provide all Trojans, regardless of the nationality, ethnicity of the individuals, the chance to explore the culture of East Asia through song and music . Whether you're a shy shower singer or a professionally trained voice maestro, all are invited and welcome to join us! [Learn more]


The purpose of TSA is to motivate Taiwanese students get involved in USC culture and activities, to promote the awareness of Taiwanese culture to the entire student body, to strengthen students’ voice on/beyond the campus, to connect with alumni, as well as to build lasting friendships. [Learn more]




Our mission as an organization is to make USC a friendlier and more welcoming environment for the exchange students so that they may fully enjoy their study abroad experience, while fostering connections between them and other USC students. We hope that our members build lifelong friendships in order to strengthen the relationship between America, Japan, and the international community. [Learn More]




The USC Vietnamese Student Association strives to serve both USC student body and the local Los Angeles community. We aim to promote our Vietnamese heritage and educate those that are interested in Vietnamese culture. We work to increase participation within the Vietnamese community within the Los Angeles area as well as the Southern California region. [Learn More]



The Singapore Students’ Association is a multi-collegiate organization that works toward building a comfort network for Singaporeans studying overseas. With the overwhelming struggle of being alone in a foreign country, we aim to provide a source of support for Singaporeans to return to when they feel the need for familiarity. Membership is not exclusive to Singaporeans. Singapore advocates a multi-cultural community, which we thoroughly strive to follow through on. We believe that it is through our differences that we craft a unique experience for students in the association and the entire student body. [Learn More]