Event – What kind of event is eligible for funding?

  • The event should be free and open to all students. No exclusive events.
    • As the event itself should be free, you cannot sell anything at the event.
    • As the event should be open to all students, alcohol is not allowed at the event.
  • The event must have a cost-per-head of $10 or less.
  • If the event takes place off campus, please contact Brian Chen, ISA Chair of Finance, before preparing for the funding proposal.
  • You may not request expenses for durable goods. You can only rent durable goods.
    • Some exceptions include prizes that are given out to the participants at the event. Please contact Brian Chen, ISA Chair of Finance, for more details.
  • Events must have a cultural, educational, or social theme, without reference to political or religious issues.


Funding Proposal Guidelines

  • The member organization must do a funding proposal for their event at least 6 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Funding proposals must be done during the assembly meetings on Mondays at 7PM-8PM.
  • The member organization may apply for funding for only 1 event each semester.
  • The member organization may apply for the maximum of $500 for a single event and $800 for a collaborated event with another member organization.
  • Each member organization representative gets one vote in funding proposal. Maximum 2 votes per member organization.

Paperwork Process

  • Instead of having the member organization file ISA paperwork for the event, ISA’s designated executive board member will file it for them.
  • No need to do: expense request, event info sheet, and budget proposal (partial)
  • Need to do: ISA Event Google Form, quote/invoice, receipt, program evaluation, and budget proposal (partial)
    • ISA Event Google Form:
    • Budget Proposal: only fill out the portion that is shown in the funding proposal template in order to show the cost breakdown. No need to worry about the “pmt. type.”
    • Quote/invoice: itemized list of items with unit prices, quantities, and total amount. For food from restaurants, you may use the generic quote.
    • Receipts must be received by ISA within a week after the event date.
    • Receipt must be the original copies. NO photocopies of the actual receipts.
    • Electronic receipts are accepted if they are original.
    • Receipts must say “paid”, “charged”, or “balance of 0” in order to confirm the payment.
    • If any of the above is not followed, ISA purchasing card will immediately be frozen and won’t be unfrozen until the problem is fixed.
  • The member organization is responsible for booking the venue of the event.
Please Refer to the following 4 detailed documents if you need funding:


Funding Proposal Template 2017-2018

USG Blank Generic Quote

USG Budget Proposal